Camille Fannucci

Creating an interior design for your home is an exciting endeavor. We all have the basic desire to create a look and feel that's "right". There are many ways for those initial thoughts and ideas to materialize. Yes, there's new and different and then there's Camille's experience from classic to modern environments.
Most homes need rooms with an atmosphere of distinction and elegance for formal and informal entertaining. Other rooms need to provide an inviting surrounding for family activities; some need to accommodate the newest technology and enhance productivity. Whatever the purpose for your next interior design project, Camille Fanucci of Interior Design Concepts has the knowledge, talent, ability, and experience to create your individual look.
"She helps me with the total look."
     -Kenneth O'Conner, Building Designer, Santa Rosa
"Camille does for you, what you would do for yourself if you knew what she knew".
     -A. Meltzer
"Camille creates a mood that pleases the heart and eye perfectly".
     -D. Fahey

People are going for what pleases them individually. The result can be a strong sense of individuality and electism. People are developing their own styles which represent and reflect their personality and lifestyle. Camille is a free-spirited designer inspired by the world-renowned arts. Camille has lived and worked as an interior designer in Southern and Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin, Napa and Sonoma Counties for over 35 years.

Camille's goal is to create an environment that is a reflection of you and your needs. Whether you're building an new home, office or making renovations, Camille can orchestrate all phases of interior design from concepts through completion. She believes in open communication as a key to achieving your desired results. Budget and timing requirements are a priority with her.

Camille knows how to create a place that simply feels right for you, creating a special place which accents your personality, where you spend so much of your time - be it your living room, dining room, master bedroom, family room, study or office.